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Equipe Nationale d’Intervention en Prévention et Santé (ENIPSE) | National Prevention and Health Intervention Team
The association’s main missions are developing screening (STIs, AIDS and Hepatitis), psycho-social assistance and support, defending the rights of the ill, and providing information to associations, etc.

The ENIPSE’s mission is to develop any initiative promoting prevention measures for the aids epidemic, other Sexually Transmitted Infections, and any other conditions, the prevention of which is similar to that of HIV, with professionals and individuals.

It offers various on-site and remote initiatives:

- Screening: delivery of HIV self-testing kits
- Individual sessions to improve sexual education
- A sophrology workshop to encourage improved physical and mental well-being
- On-site counseling and psychological and/or sexological support service in various cities in France
- Discussion groups.

> Its services are provided in Lyon twice a month – all practical details can be found on the website.