Ecole Centrale de Lyon
Institiution reporting unit for acts of violence, discrimination or harassment

For students, PHD students and staff members:

How does the reporting procedure work?

Confidentiality is guaranteed throughout the entire procedure.

If you leave your contact details, a member of the team will get in touch with you after receiving your report to offer you the opportunity to talk, with an approach based on active listening and kindness.
Suggestions will be made to put an end to the violence and support you in your process.
At the same time, and with your consent, the institution may initiate an internal investigation and consider whether or not to pursue disciplinary action.

If you choose to make an anonymous report, the service will be alerted to the situation but will not be able to follow up or contact you. If you wish to make an anonymous report, we advise you to use a non-nominative e-mail address, so that the service can at least confirm receipt of the report and initiate contact.

At each stage of the procedure, you remain the sole decision-maker. At any time, you can decide to continue or to put a stop to the process.

The absence of anonymity in no way compromises the confidentiality of the report.

If the situation involves more than one institution, then we advise that you report it to all of them.

Reminder: you can report incidents of violence, discrimination or bullying related to your institution. These incidents may have taken place on or off school premises (e.g. after a student party).