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"Mon Parcours Psy" scheme

National scheme providing psychological support to anybody

Since April 5th, 2022, the MonPsy scheme has enabled anybody (children over 3, teenagers and adults) to benefit from psychological support sessions that are covered by the French National Health Service.

People feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, or having trouble sleeping, excessively consuming tobacco, alcohol, or cannabis, or even suffering from eating disorders, may benefit from the reimbursement of psychological support provided by a partner psychologist.

This scheme covers up to 8 sessions per year, after a consultation and referral by a doctor. This may be, for example, from your doctor (general practitioner, pediatrician, geriatrician, etc.), a school doctor, a PMI (mother and child health center), university health services or even a hospital doctor.

To learn more, you can find all the information on the ameli.fr website, or go directly to the “MonPsy” online platform.