*Accompagnement et suivi psychologique* - In-person support - Rhône , Ain , Loire

Maisons des adolescents support service

Places of reception, information, support and care for adolescents and young adults (from 11 to 21 years old or even 25 years old depending on the arrangements) and/or their families.
The Adolescent Centers ("Maison des Adolescents") are regional structures (there is one per department) accessible to everyone according to their needs.

They offer:

  • A welcome with or without an appointment, by telephone or in person, spontaneously or with the guidance of a professional. This reception can be "general", not necessarily psychological, or specialized, just to be listened to, accompanied, and guided if necessary;
  • Support for young people and their parents;
  • Adapted support within a multidisciplinary team, or in the form of individual or family interviews, and/or group activities.
Visits can be anonymous and are always free.