*Accompagnement et suivi psychologique* - helpline, In-person support - Rhône

Institut Régional Jean Bergeret (IRJB)

A listening and support scheme for students in Lyon.


The IRJB offers international students a consultation with a psychologist on an occasional or a more regular basis (up to 6 consultations).
Bilingual professionals are available to receive students in different languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and others in the future. There are several means of providing care at the student’s choice: on-site and/or remotely over an extensive area surrounding Lyon.
Foreign French-speaking students, students from the French Overseas Territories, and French “expat” students can also benefit from this scheme.

The scheme is available remotely to all students in the City as it has always been up to now.

Psychologists are available from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., upon registration.
Conversations are confidential, without judgment, anonymous and free.

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Telephone: 07 64 42 92 59

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To go further, students can also discover advice and resources to preserve their mental health on the Instagram page @EcouteEtudiantsLyon! Lives are also hosted by students, structures or mental health professionals.