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Université Catholique de Lyon - UCLy
Health Forum

The UCLy’s Health Division is composed of a Preventive Medicine service, the Listening Desk and the Handicap Mission, and supports all UCLy students in the various aspects of their physical and psychological well-being and in their learnings in order to encourage success in their university courses.

Students from the UCLy can consult, free of charge:
- A doctor;
- A psychologist, who runs the Listening Desk;
- A nurse;
- A midwife;
- A Handicap mission officer.

To discuss a range of health-related topics, confide in someone or seek timely medical advice.

Throughout the year, the Health Forum team organizes workshops and other activities accessible to all UCLy students:
- Sophrology workshops;
- Mindfulness meditation workshops;
- Sleep workshops;
- A siesta room is available.